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Your Input: Toronto’s Electronic and Illuminated Sign and Billboard Regulations; Mar.10, 2014

This video presents “Video Billboard at John and Richmond Streets in Toronto’s Entertainment District.”

  • “State of the art static image and full video technology (this Youtube video is an accurate simulation)
  • John and Richmond Streets commanding attention of vehicular and pedestrian traffic” in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Toronto Sign Bylaw Unit is responsible for the issuance and inspection of sign permits and carries out proactive bylaw enforcement for permanent signs on private property.

This is an update to the previous blogs:

In February 28, 2013, the Planning and Growth Management Committee requested staff to report on the impact of illuminated signs on the quality of life in residential areas and recommendations for illuminated signs in residential areas.

  • The purpose of this study is to review:
    • the potential opportunities for the location of these electronic signs as well as analyze their potential impacts on the public realm; and
    • The impact of illuminated signs on the quality of life in residential areas.
  • This study and other related work on electronic signs will contribute to the development of new regulations for electronic signs in the City of Toronto Sign By-law.
    • This work will also inform how electronic signs and displays could be incorporated in transit shelters in the City of Toronto’s Street Furniture program.

Based on the study findings, changes to Toronto’s sign regulations have been proposed and were introduced at the December 4, 2013 meeting of the City’s Planning and Growth Management Committee.

Please note that the Toronto Sign By-law does not permit sign copy to be projected onto any surface.

  • A projected image or projection sign is text or other content that is projected onto a surface by a projector.

There are two ways to give your input on proposed changes to sign regulations related to electronic and illuminated signs and billboards.

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Your Input in February 2014: Toronto’s Electronic & Illuminated Signs + Gardiner Expressway East

In February, Toronto wants your input at public consultation meetings in Ontario, Canada, regarding:

  • Toronto’s electronic and illuminated signs and billboards.
  • The future of the Gardiner Expressway East.
Photo: City of Toronto
Photo: City of Toronto

Toronto’s Electronic and Illuminated Signs and Billboards

This is an update to the previous blog, Your Input: Toronto’s Employment Lands Sept.19 + Electronic & Illuminated Signs Sept.23-26, 2013.