With a standing ovation, we applaud you for your passion in seizing the opportunities to do good  to people. Thank you for making our world a better place by helping people be happier, healthier, and/or to significantly improve the standards/qualities of living as well as our living environments. Here you are; and many more passionate hearts will be added to our  ‘Passionate Hearts’  list.

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What are you being today?

Being Green! Being Environmentally Friendly!


James Cameron, the movie director of  ‘Avatar’, was being a green genius in the making of his Hollywood  masterpiece.  We give him our heart-felt applause and accolade for his 3-D movie, Avatar, which took him more than 10 years to produce.

‘Avatar’ is an awesome declaration that Green rules.  One of the take-home messages is if we mess with mother nature, especially the environment, then we become the losers in the end.

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