Today, Thursday October 6, 2011, Canadians will go to the polls to elect their provincial leader in Ontario’s 40th provincial election.

Please read the following letter to Canadians from the Avaaz team regarding voting for the better future of our province:

Dear friends across Ontario,

Today we have a chance to vote for the future of our province, our planet and our health care system. Click here to find out where to vote in today’s provincial election!

Today is the provincial election and we have a chance to vote for the future of our province, our planet and our health care system. Click here to find out where to vote!

Only 61% of Canadians voted in the last federal election and now Stephen Harper controls our country with a majority government, despite only winning 39.6% of the popular vote. Today, we can make sure the next Ontario government reflects the dreams and aspirations of Ontarians. Avaaz has tens of thousands of members in Ontario — if we all vote, we can, together, elect a government that will help safeguard our environment, support our health care system and protect the social programs we need most.

Let’s seize this opportunity to elect the government we all want. Click below to find out where you vote:

Elections Ontario

The cost of inaction on our climate is going to be massive and we need to elect a government that will make fighting climate change a priority. Our health is being threatened by bad air quality, communities are being flooded, Ontario’s natural plant and animal species are being threatened and Ontarians are going to have to pay. The National Roundtable on the Environment and Economy says that if we don’t do anything to cut emissions, climate change costs could rise from $5 billion/year in 2020 to $43 billion/year in 2050. Today, we can seize our moment to elect a government that will protect our environment and save our kids money through embracing new opportunities like investing in renewable energy.

The debate over American health care helped show us how lucky we are to have had Premiers and citizens who fought to make sure everyone in our province has access to top-notch health services. We can vote to protect our health system and that means electing a government that is committed to protecting our right to universal public health care.

People worldwide fight tirelessly to get and preserve democracy in their countries and that means fighting for the right to vote in fair elections. Today let’s exercise our right to vote and make sure we get a government that best reflects our needs. Information on where to vote can be found at this link.

Elections Ontario

Avaaz is a group of nearly 10 million people worldwide who support peaceful democratic action to close the gap between the world we have and the world we want. We can help close that gap by voting at our polling station and choosing a government for Ontario that represents us!

With hope,

Emma, Ari, Alice, Ricken, Nicola and the entire Avaaz team


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2011 General Election – Preliminary Results (Elections Canada)

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