Please Petition to Protect Peel Watershed in Yukon, Canada, by Feb.18, 2013

This video presents “Precious Peel – David Suzuki explores a wild Yukon watershed”:

  • While the Yukon’s Peel watershed is in final stages of a land use planning process calling for 80% protection, David Suzuki travels on the watershed’s Hart River and reflects on the significance of this wilderness
  • Will the Government of Yukon heed the planning commission’s recommendations?

The Peel Watershed is:

  • “one of the world’s most precious natural treasures
  • home to the largest constellation of wild mountain rivers in North America
  • the 68,000 square kilometre watershed
  • one of the last great intact ecosystems on the continent”

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) supporters and individuals from across the country participated in consultations that helped the Peel Land Use Planning Commission shape its Final Recommended Plan, released in 2011, which:

  • recommends protecting 80% of the Peel’s extraordinary wilderness
  • honours the overwhelming support by First Nations and the Yukon public for Peel protection
    • while still leaving some of the watershed open to paced industrial development

However, the Yukon Government has now decided to:

  • shelve it
  • put forward now a completely new proposal they developed unilaterally, without the input of the Commission, local First Nations, or the general public

This video presents “The Peel Watershed – Protect Democracy FULL VERSION”:

  • Yukon First Nation Treaties violated by Government on Peel Watershed planning
  • Hear First Nations leaders and renowned aboriginal rights lawyer, Justice Thomas Berger, explain what is happening and the need for Action

In the following letter, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is urging us to help protect Yukon’s world-famous Peel Watershed as well as democracy in Canada as follows:

  • Speak up now to protect the Peel!

Join with First Nations, local people, tourism organizations and guide outfitters to support the Commission’s Final Recommended Plan. Let the Yukon government know you don’t want a plan that would allow roads, mining, and oil and gas development throughout our treasured Peel Watershed

Please Petition to Protect Peel Watershed in Yukon, Canada, by Feb.18, 2013
Please Petition to Protect Peel Watershed in Yukon, Canada, by Feb.18, 2013

“Time’s running out to show your support for the Peel!
An historic decision is about to be made about the future of Yukon’s world-famous Peel Watershed. The Yukon Government is about to throw out six years of hard work and compromise by a diverse range of stakeholders on the Peel Commission’s proposed management plan for the region, in favour of a proposal they developed unilaterally which would allow roads and surface access throughout the region.
The battle for the protecting Peel Watershed has become as much an issue of supporting democracy as it is one of protecting the landscape. Speak up now to protect the Peel.
Take Action!
We need YOUR voice to support the Peel Commission’s Final Recommended Plan for the Peel. If we don’t act now to protect the Peel, it will be too late. Take action NOW!”


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