Manitoba Wants Your Input by Feb.15, 2013: Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada’s ‘Growing Forward 2’

This video presents “The Face of Agriculture is Changing” in Manitoba, Canada:

  • The face of agriculture is changing every day and producers across the province are adapting and finding new, innovative ways to join industry partners participating in world markets
  • Agriculture provides 62,000 jobs to Manitoba’s economy and directly employs approximately 30,000 workers
  • In 2010, agriculture contributed 4.2 per cent of Manitoba’s total gross domestic product (GDP) at the primary level

On December 7, 2012, the Federal Government announced three new federal programs under Canada’s new agricultural policy framework Growing Forward 2 – 2013 to 2018 – that will:

  • streamline investments in the agriculture and agri-food sector
  • focus on strategic initiatives in innovation, competitiveness and market development to further strengthen the sector’s capacity to grow and prosper
  • come into effect on April 1, 2013:
    1. The AgriInnovation Program:
      • is a five-year, up to $468 million, initiative under the Growing Forward 2 policy framework
        • ending March 31, 2018, and supports the following industry-led streams:
          • Industry-led Research and Development Stream
          • Enabling Commercialization and Adoption Stream
      • will focus on investments to expand the sector’s capacity to develop and commercialize new products and technologies
      • early applications are now being accepted but no funding decisions will be communicated prior to April 1, 2013
        • Available Funding: The total maximum contribution to an applicant from all streams under the AgriInnovation Program cannot exceed $10 million per year
    2. The AgriMarketing Program:
      • will help industry improve its capacity to adopt assurance systems, such as food safety and traceability, to meet consumer and market demands
      • will also support industry in maintaining and seizing new markets for their products through branding and promotional activities
      • will begin accepting applications early in the new year 2013
    3. The AgriCompetitiveness Program:
      • will target investments to help strengthen the agriculture and agri-food industry’s capacity to adapt and be profitable in domestic and global markets
      • will begin accepting applications early in the new year 2013
  • represent a $3 billion investment over five years
    • Investments in these three priority areas are critical to facilitating the sector’s expansion and leveraging of provincial-territorial and industry investments to increase productivity, growth and jobs

For more information on Growing Forward 2, the three new federal programs, and how to apply to these programs, please click here.

Manitoba wants your input to help them:

  • design Growing Forward 2 programs
  • determine how Growing Forward 2 programs will be delivered

The client-centered programs are delivered through the Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives Growing Opportunities (GO) Offices:

  • In addition to the national business risk management (BRM) programs:
    • that will continue to help farmers withstand severe market volatility and disasters

  • the new five-year agreement includes a 50% increase in strategic investments (non-BRM) towards industry innovation

Please click here for more info about Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives of Growing Forward 2.

Here are the different ways you can provide your input:

  •  Please provide your ideas by February 15, 2013 via the following two ways:

    1) Answer questions using the online form
    2) Send a submission by commenting on the priorities and principles outlined in the consultation paper
    • Email your feedback to
    • Fax your feedback to: 204-948-2844
    • Mail your feedback to:
      Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
      810-401 York Avenue
      Winnipeg MB R3C 0P8

If you have questions about this consultation or Growing Forward 2, please email

Manitoba, Canada


January 15, 2013


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Industry Input Key To Successful Program Delivery:  Kostyshyn

Manitoba farmers, agriculture processors and members of the public are again encouraged to share their input to determine how Growing Forward 2 programs will be delivered, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) Minister Ron Kostyshyn said today.

“Agriculture is a key part of Manitoba’s economy and investments in innovation and research under Growing Forward 2 will help keep the industry strong into the future,” said Kostyshyn.  “I want to hear from all sectors of the agriculture industry on how to best deliver programs that will help Manitoba develop new products and take advantage of new markets.”

Growing Forward 2 is the new policy framework for Canada’s agriculture, agri-food and agri-products sector based on the federal, provincial and territorial ministers of agriculture’s agreement in Whitehorse in September 2012.  Kostyshyn said the five-year agreement has the flexibility needed for Manitoba to be responsive to local opportunities, adding Growing Forward 2 (GF2) will help Manitoba address challenges through proactive investments in research and innovation for the future of the provincial agriculture industry, while also maintaining important business risk-management programs such as AgriInsurance.

“Ongoing dialogue with the agriculture industry played an important role in shaping Manitoba’s position while negotiating Growing Forward 2,” said Kostyshyn.  “This dialogue will continue to be integral to developing and delivering programs to support a successful agriculture sector in Manitoba.”

These consultations build on a Dec. 18, 2012, meeting with industry organizations in which MAFRI received input on GF2 priorities and activities.

MAFRI will be holding regional meetings across the province with farmers, food processors, stakeholders, researchers and the public.  Dates and locations for the meetings are:

* Monday, Jan. 28, 9 a.m. to noon, St. Viator’s Church meeting room, 307 Whitmore Ave. E., Dauphin;

* Tuesday, Jan, 29, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.,  Steinbach Legion, 294 Lumber St., Steinbach;

* Wednesday, Jan, 30, 1 to 4 p.m., Royal Canadian Legion, 28 First St. N.W., Carman;

* Wednesday, Jan. 30, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., Conference Room, Ag Centre, 1129 Queens Ave., Brandon; and

* Thursday, Jan. 31, 1 to 4 p.m., Arborg Credit Union Room, Arborg Bifrost Community Centre, Arborg.

Manitobans can also stop by and share their views and ideas at the MAFRI booth at Ag Days in Brandon today until Thursday or provide their feedback online at:


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