Your Invite: Arts & Culture Dialogue for Vancouver’s Grandview-Woodland Community Plan Dec.3, 2012 or Jan.23, 2013

This video presents “History of the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood in Vancouver”:

  • This video was produced by the City of Vancouver as part of the Grandview-Woodland community plan, to give residents a sense of the planning and development historic milestones that shaped their community today in British Columbia, Canada

In April 2012, the City of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, initiated a new Community Planning process for Grandview-Woodland.

  • When completed, the plan will provide long-range guidance on a variety of issues – including housing, transportation, parks and public space, social issues, arts, culture, heritage and more
  • The new plan will replace an older Local Area Plan developed between 1979-82
Map of Grandview-Woodland
Map of Grandview-Woodland


  • Plays an important role in the City of Vancouver’s cultural landscape
  • Neighbourhood is home to artists of all types, including renowned carvers, writers, sculptors, musicians, actors and more
    • In fact, more artists and people connected with the arts economy live in this community than any other place in Vancouver

Due to the growing demand for new development, City of Vancouver staff is working on an official plan to ensure that future growth in Grandview-Woodland meets the needs of the community.

  • The new Grandview-Woodland Community Plan is a policy document that will set out long-term directions for the neighbourhood
    • It covers a range of topics – and arts and culture will be a key part of this
  • As part of the planning process, the  City of Vancouver is seeking your input which will assist the City to support the neighbourhood’s arts scene as effectively as possible

There will be two workshops to discuss these issues, as well as an on-line component that will be launched in January.

  • The workshops are duplicate sessions, so if you’d like to participate you only need to sign up for one
  • The events are FREE, but you need to register to attend
  • Among the topics to be covered:
    • Creation/production (studios & workshops)

    • Presentation (performance spaces and galleries)

    • Art in public spaces (public art and street art)

    • Cultural traditions and sites of memory or celebration

    • Creative commercial businesses including suppliers and services

  • Approximately one week prior to the workshop, you’ll receive a package of background information that will help you to prepare for the event
    • Please read this material before coming to the workshop

  • Doors open at 5pm
    • The workshop will start at 5:30pm

    • Refreshments will be provided

  • Each workshop will start with a brief presentation on Arts & Culture in Grandview-Woodland, as well an overview of neighbourhood planning work to date
    • The workshops will be structured ‘world café’ style so that participants can share their ideas on a number of topic areas

Each workshop is FREE but registration is required to attend:

  • If you’d like to attend a workshop, please follow the links below to sign up for ONE of the following dates:

Monday, December 3, 2012
5:00pm – 9pm


Wednesday, January 23, 2013
5:00pm – 9pm

  • Once you register, a confirmation email will be sent to you with location details
    • Approximately one week prior to the workshop, you’ll receive a package of background information that will help you to prepare for the event

    • Please read this material before coming to the workshop.

  • Please note that you can register for up to two spaces in the workshop – but you will need to add the name and contact details for both people when you do

On-line Component:

  • In addition to the two workshops, the City will also be creating an on-line forum to allow people to engage with the workshop questions
  • This forum will go live in mid-January 2013
  • If you can’t make either of the workshop dates, or prefer to share your ideas from the comfort of your own home – then please consider logging-on to this aspect of the process

Contact Info:

For information on the planning work to date, upcoming events and opportunities for public involvement, please stay in touch via the following means:

  • Andrew Pask
    Grandview-Woodland Community Planner
  • Ti Lam
    Planning Assistant


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