Canadians (Ages 14-24 Yrs): Free 16-Week Performing Arts Workshops 2012-Audition on Oct.27,10 AM

This video presents ” Untitled Suite 2011 “:

 Suite Life Arts For Youth in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

  • “brings young aspiring performers together with professional Artist/Teachers and Canadian playwrights who are actively working within their disciplines, are representative of our cultural diversity, and are sensitive to the youth and the issues that affect them
  • objective is to fill some of the educational gaps that exist, by offering inner city youth an opportunity to explore their potential and develop their talents within a safe, nurturing and creative environment, while receiving quality instruction in the fundamental techniques of:
    • acting ( stage and video )
    • singing ( r&b, blues, jazz )
    • dance ( modern jazz, hip-hop ),
    • percussion
    • improvisation
    • performance
    • stage management
  • along with their families, schools and communities, enables these young adults to rise above their environmental, financial, psychological, emotional and in some cases physical adversity, to become the most they can be”

If you are between 14 – 24 years and you have some talent, Suite Life Arts For Youth offers you:

  • FREE 16-week program starting this Saturday with the audition and culminating with a theatre event at Harbourfront on Sunday, March 24, 2013, in exchange for the COMMITMENT of the individual!
  • Lunch and TTC tickets will be provided every Saturday
  • The program runs from 10 am to 4:30 pm, however each different stream of art will run for a total of 2 hours
    • Students can choose just one discipline, but are welcome and encouraged to participate all day in all areas of arts workshops!
  • The auditions and program is being held at St. Christopher House, located at 248 Ossington Ave.:
    • Downtown Audition Times
      • Dancers >10 am   SAT. Oct 27
      • Singers >11 am      SAT. Oct 27
      • Actors / Poets >12 pm    SAT. Oct 27
    • No preparation is necessary for the dance audition (they will be given choreography that day)
    • All you need to prep for the singing audition is ANY song that you have memorised and can sing a capella
    • You can bring a short memorised monologue for the acting program, however this can also be improvised!
    • Sign up NOW!

      • by email:
      • by phone: 416.691.3269

Founded in 1995 by Denese Matthews, Suite-Life is a multi-disciplinary program for young people interested in all aspects of music and performance:

  • Through a series of classes offered by guest artists, the participants explore vocal and percussion music, dance and drama culminating in the creation and performance of an original show at the Harbourfront Centre in March.
  • An audition is required for admittance into the program
  • The program runs for 16 weeks following the audition process and is held at 248 Ossington Avenue
  • This program provides a greatly needed creative outlet for inner-city teenagers and is FREE for participants

Please click here for more info about the Suite Life Arts For Youth program.


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