Please Ask Your MP to Vote in Favour of Bill C-400 on Feb.27, 2013: Help End Homelessness in Canada

This video presents “MP Ryan Cleary delivers a speech in support of Bill C-400 (Adequate, affordable housing)”:

  • MP Ryan Cleary (St. John’s South-Mount Pearl) delivers a speech in the House of Commons in support of the New Democratic Party’s Bill C-400 (Safe, Affodable, Adequate Housing)

  • Bill C-400 would develop the framework for the minister of Canada Mortage and Housing to work with ministers responsible for housing in the provinces to provide adequate, safe, and affordable housing for all Canadians

Join thousands of people across Canada in calling for a national housing strategy:

  • The right to housing does not mean that governments have to provide housing to everyone
  • But it does mean that Canada needs a comprehensive housing framework with clear targets and timelines and accountability mechanisms to address homelessness and ensure that no one is inadequately housed

Take action NOW to support Bill C-400!

  • Please click here for Dignity for All‘s backgorounder on Bill C-400 which is the Secure, Adequate, Accessible and Affordable Housing Act

    • Bill C-400 is a private member’s bill currently before Parliament that addresses the crisis of homelessness and inadequate housing in Canada
      • It calls for leadership on the development of a national housing strategy using a human rights framework

      • The Bill is currently at second reading in the House of Commons and will be referred to Committee – the crucial next step in the legislative process – if a majority vote is received

    • The vote to send the Bill to Committee for review is this Wednesday, February 27, 2013

      • Now is the time to contact your MP!

In the following letter, Make Poverty History is urging us to help end homelessness in Canada:

“Take action for a national housing strategy

This week we have an opportunity to make an impact on poverty in Canada. A bill currently before Parliament, the Secure, Adequate, Accessible and Affordable Housing Act, calls on our federal government to develop a national housing strategy.

Bill C-400 would oblige the federal government to bring provincial and municipal governments to the table with Aboriginal communities, civil society, non-profits and the private sector to create a plan that ensures everyone in Canada lives in decent and affordable housing.

MPs will be voting on the bill on February 27, so please act now.

Only with the support of MPs from all parties will the bill pass second reading in the House of Commons and go to Committee for review, the crucial next step in the legislative process.

Please send a message to your MP. Ask him or her to vote in favour of Bill C-400.

A plan is the crucial first step towards ensuring that everyone has a decent home. Getting all levels of government to work alongside other stakeholders will create the momentum for solving this longstanding problem.

Learn more about Bill C-400 from this backgrounder prepared by our friends at Dignity for All.

And send your MP a letter.

You can help end homelessness in Canada. Thank you.

Best regards,
Leilani Farha and Joe Gunn
For Make Poverty History


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