Students: Apply Now For Available Summer Jobs in Ontario, Canada!

Students can start to apply now for summer jobs in Ontario, Canada, via the Employment Ontario’s Summer Jobs website, where students can:

FREE Summer Jobs Service is provided to students seeking summer employment as follows:

  • Summer Jobs Service is a free job search and self-marketing service that helps students find summer jobs.
  • Job placements can begin as early as April 1. Application activity is ongoing.
  • Students aged 15 to 30 who plan to return to school this fall are eligible.
  • Self-marketing and job search services are available through 100 Employment Ontario service provider sites across the province.

Please click here to get useful downloadable resources for employers, students, schools and community agencies.

Ontario Summer Jobs Programs for 2012 include these various job opportunities:

  • Summer Law Student Opportunity
    • the Summer Law Student Program gives law students the opportunity to work within the Ontario government to develop practical legal skills and make a significant contribution to the projects they work on
    • it is open to first and second year students enrolled in a law school
    • summer law students are employed from May until August each year
    • Ministry of the Attorney General
      • offers law students the advantages of a large law practice and the benefits of a boutique firm
      • students can get involved in any number of areas, such as drafting and assisting in the research or preparation of court cases, researching to develop new legislation, all while learning from some of the country’s best legal minds
  • Ontario Public Service Summer Employment Opportunities
    • offers several summer employment programs and opportunities in a variety of positions across ministries, related agencies and community groups
    • for postsecondary students, jobs are posted between February 17 and 24 with some extensions to March 2.
    • positions for high school students and most tourism and provincial park positions (combination of high school and postsecondary students) are posted between March 9 and 16 with some extensions to March 23
    • jobs include some bilingual positions, and are available in many areas, including: recreation, culture, fish and wildlife, lab research, public education, travel and tourism and more
  • Ontario Rangers
    • Ministry of Natural Resources
      • gain new skills, knowledge and practical work experience while learning to care for our natural environment
    • Applications are posted in January and are available now. The deadline for applications is March 30.
    • Ontario Rangers is an eight-week summer job program for youth in their 17th year.
    • participants live at one of 13 remote camps,
    • working in natural resources management
    • some rangers may also be able to gain two high school co-operative education credits.
    • projects include clearing portages and maintaining hiking trails in Ontario Parks, and monitoring at-risk species
  • Ontario Stewardship Ranger Program
    •  is an eight-week summer job program that offers youth born in 1995 (turning 17 in 2012) the opportunity to focus on community-based environmental projects that help support biodiversity and combat climate change in partnership with local organizations
    • jobs will be posted by mid-March. The deadline for applications is May 4
    • Ontario Stewardship Rangers live at home, report to a central work location daily, and travel as a five-person team to different work sites
  • Summer Jobs for Youth Program
    • provides disadvantaged young people with summer jobs so they can get real work experience
    • application deadlines vary by community
    • youth aged 15 to 18 who live in identified communities and meet program eligibility requirements can apply
    • the program generally operates for up to eight weeks in July and August and includes pre-employment training and post-employment support
  • Aboriginal Youth Work Exchange Program
    • provides Aboriginal youth aged 15 to 24 (up to 29 for persons with a disability) with eight-week work placements in the summer
    • jobs will be posted after mid-March
    • the participant focuses on resource management projects, job skills readiness training and personal development training
    • each participant remains with the program over three summers, during which time an exchange component is completed between the Ministry of Natural Resources and with an Aboriginal community and/or organization
  • Aboriginal Law Summer Student Program
    •  gives law students interested in practicing Aboriginal law or other areas the opportunity to work in the Ontario government
    • it is open to first- and second-year law students who are knowledgeable and experienced with Aboriginal communities and have a demonstrated interest in Aboriginal law
    • the program also encourages the hiring of Aboriginal students in the Ontario Public Service
  • Summer Company
    • helps students start their own summer businesses
    • it offers hands-on business coaching, mentoring, and awards of up to $3,000
    • students ages 15-29 can apply as of January 9, 2012
    • High School students must operate the business full time for a minimum of 8 weeks
    • postsecondary students must operate full time for a minimum of 12 weeks
    • the application deadline is May 7, 2012, or sooner if program reaches capacity”

Please click here to find your nearest Employment Ontario Summer Jobs Service provider, or call 1-800-387-5656.

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Good Luck! / Bonne Chance!

Students: Apply Now For Available Summer Jobs in Ontario, Canada!
Students: Apply Now For Available Summer Jobs in Ontario, Canada!

Ontario, Canada: Newsroom


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Your Summer Job Is Out There

March 9, 2012

McGuinty Government Supports Jobs For Students

If you’re a student looking for a summer job, or an employer looking to hire for the summer, the Ontario government can help.

Through Ontario’s Summer Jobs Strategy, the government is helping students find a summer job; launch their own summer business and offering employers a $2-per-hour hiring incentive.

Job opportunities are now available through Employment Ontario’s Summer Jobs website, where students can:

Helping students find a summer job is part of the McGuinty government’s plan to create jobs and help every student succeed.


“These initiatives generate exciting summer employment opportunities for youth, and foster tomorrow’s business leaders. Giving students a chance to see first hand how their company’s bottom line affects them economically offers students a real appreciation for business – and motivates them to work all that much harder.”

 – Brad Duguid
Minister of Economic Development and Innovation

“With a summer job, students discover what a workplace is really like, and learn about their own strengths and talents. Young people can earn money for their studies, gain new experiences, and contribute to Ontario’s overall future.”

 – Glen Murray
Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities


  • Ontario’s summer jobs programs and services are open to students aged 15 to 30 years who are planning to return to school this fall.
  • Last summer, the government helped more than 100,000 students find jobs.
  • Job search support is available year round and summer job placements can begin as early as April.



  • Andrew Block
    Minister Duguid’s Office
  • Ralph Benmergui
    Minister Murray’s Office

Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation

Ontario, Canada: Salle de Presse


Votre emploi d’été vous attend

9 mars 2012 10h15

Le gouvernement McGuinty appuie les emplois pour les étudiants

Si vous êtes une étudiante ou un étudiant à la recherche d’un emploi d’été, ou un employeur souhaitant embaucher pour l’été, le gouvernement de l’Ontario peut vous aider.

Grâce à la stratégie Emplois d’été Ontario, le gouvernement aide les étudiants à trouver un emploi d’été ou à démarrer leur propre entreprise d’été et offre aux employeurs une incitation à l’embauche de 2 $ l’heure.

Des possibilités d’emploi sont maintenant offertes par l’intermédiaire du site Web des emplois d’été d’Emploi Ontario, où les étudiants peuvent :

  • trouver des listes d’emplois
  • faire une recherche d’emploi par l’entremise des organismes d’Emploi Ontario
  • obtenir de l’aide pour améliorer leurs compétences en marketing et en rédaction de curriculum vitæ
  • démarrer leur propre entreprise d’été
  • poser leur candidature à un poste au gouvernement de l’Ontario

Aider les étudiants à trouver un emploi d’été fait partie du plan du gouvernement McGuinty pour créer des emplois et aider chaque étudiant à réussir.


  • Les programmes et services d’emplois d’été de l’Ontario sont offerts aux élèves et étudiants âgés de 15 à 30 ans qui entendent retourner à l’école cet automne.
  • L’été dernier, le gouvernement a aidé plus de 100 000 étudiants à trouver un emploi.
  • L’aide à la recherche d’emploi est offerte pendant toute l’année, et les placements pour les emplois d’été peuvent commencer dès le début du mois d’avril.


  • Andrew Block
    Bureau du ministre Duguid
  • Ralph Benmergui
    Bureau du ministre Murray
    416 326-1628

Ministère du Développement économique et de l’Innovation


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