You’re Invited: “Join Women on the Bridge” in Bathurst, New Brunswick March 8, 2012

Here is a video calling all viewers to join women on bridges around the world on Interntional Women’s Day, March 8th:

  • You can join existing events or create your own.
  • See you on the bridge!

This is an update to my previous blogs:

Join Me on the Bridge / Join Women on the Bridge is now a global phenomenon. The campaign has brought women, men & children together to build bridges of peace in more than 460 cities around the world.

In honour of International Women’s Day (IWD), March 8, 2012,  Canadian Margaret Sharon Olscamp invites you to the following Join Me on the Bridge / Join Women on the Bridge event in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada:

"Join Me on the Bridge / Join Women on the Bridge" in Bathurst, New Brunswick March 8 2012. Above, St. Peter Ave Veterans Bridge in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada
"Join Me on the Bridge / Join Women on the Bridge" in Bathurst, New Brunswick March 8 2012. Above, St. Peter Ave Veterans Bridge in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada

“Bathurst Bridge to Peace Join Me

March 8, 2012 IWD

Veterans Bridge in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada

(St. Peter Ave Veterans Bridge)

10 am – 4 pm

Margaret Sharon Olscamp: Phone 506-783-7944

Global Bridge Walk … Women across the world are stepping out onto bridges again this year and asking for peace and justice.

Toronto, London, San Francisco … Australia … Japan  … And yes even Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada.

The Bathurst group may be small … Maybe only one person at a time… But let it be known that women in Bathurst count too.

Women’s Day Event in Bathurst – All day peace walk on Veteran’s Bridge.

In honour of my dearly departed aunts, Lillian O’Toole and Stella Thibideau, both veterans of World War II, I intend to spend much of my day walking this bridge as well as the causeway leading to Queen Street along Riverside Drive and the Cove Bridge.

I invite anyone else to join me in celebrating the lives of gentle women of peace who had to live in a world that was less than fair.

Please join me walking the Bridges of Bathurst on March 8, 2012. Bring along a peace sign if you want. Please be respectful. This is not about protest it is about honouring the unsung peacemakers of our world.

Love and Peace to all on March 8, International Women’s Day

I suggest between 10 am and 4 pm for joining a group. Even if you spend five minutes … That is great … If you are working that day you might want to brown-bag it … Bring your lunch and we’ll eat together between noon and one while walking on the bridge.

Any other suggestions are welcome. Music is always welcome of course … Depending upon the weather … Instruments might not be possible. But we always have our voices. So if you want to sing … Come on out and sing.

And remember if you just want to walk alone and ponder … Meditate … Or whatever brings Peace to your soul … March 8 lasts all day and the Veteran’s bridge is never closed.

Organized by: Margaret Sharon Olscamp

Phone: 506-783-7944


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  1. It was a beautiful day today in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada.  The sun was shining. The wind was soft and mellow.  And if there were a few too many puddles on the Veteran’s bridge, well it is that time of year after all.  If  it is  an overly optomistic  comment, forgive me please, but I do believe I detected signs of  the ice breaking up in the harbour.  A good sign and very positve, especially on Women’s  Day.

    Six hours of walking that bridge has left me somewhat  depleted, but in a nice satisfied way. My arm, raised today in so many peace signs flashed to real people driving by in support … I lost track … I expected that my arm might feel numb … But we humans are perhaps more resilient than we give ourselves credit for.

      The  beeping horns and smiling and waving and flashing peace signs back … Well I soon lost the feeling that I was wasting my time … People  do care … People want  to have hope … People want to feel alive … 
    The day was worth it. 

    If there were not great crowds of women coming out in support, well that is ok too.  I didn’t expect there would be.  I am not an organizer.  I have so many great ideas about what we as a society could do do create a better society, more fair, more just, more caring world for our children.  Not being an organizer, not being independenly wealthy, I realize my limitations.  

    It was enough if I just managed to wake up a woman or two.  To get them wondering why anyone would do what I was doing.  To maybe get them thinking about social issues.  But women need to do more than just think about acting.

    Women should not just wait for someone to give them permission to act.  
    A woman can wait a lifetime.  That permission idea is the illusion that keeps too many women sitting on the sidelines.  

    Women need to act. 

  2. There is still time. Get out on a bridge somewhere. Show your support for women who need your help. Bring a candle … Bring a flashlight. Join the women of the world on the International Peace Bridge. Join the Peace Movement that this world so desperately needs. Leave your comfort zone. Join hands across the International Bridge of Peace.

    The International Peace Bridge is everywhere.

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