Cyclists, You’re Invited: Finch Hydro Corridor Bike Ride June 10, 2012

Finch Hydro Corridor Ride

Sunday June 10, 2012

Ride Starts at 1:00 pm

at the Esther Shiner Stadium (5720 Bathurst Street, just north of Finch)

  • City Staff from Transportation Services will discuss the development and construction of this trail, as well as future opportunities to extend the trails in this Finch Hydro Corridor.

Also, the following info is an update to my previous blog Calling Cyclists: Public Meeting on Proposed New Trail Connections in Toronto Feb. 6, 2012:

The Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, at its May 16, 2012 meeting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

Adopted City-Wide Trails Plan

  • The new Plan builds on the Toronto Bike Plan and forms the basis for expanding the bikeway trail network over the next 10 years.
  • Opportunities for 26 new trail connections and 5 projects led by others divisions or groups are included in this plan.
    • The goals of the multi-year plan is to:
      • add an additional 77 km of bikeway trails to the existing network of 286 km of bikeway trails
      • improve the conditions of existing trails
      • improve trail connections which will:
        • link neighbourhoods across the city by providing safe places to cycle
        • expand opportunities for connections to the on-street cycling network
  • Within the next 5 years, the following short term priorities will be focused on:
    • 12 new trail construction projects, totaling approximately 30 km,
    • and four trail feasibility studies
  • The estimated annual cost to construct new and upgrade existing trails is budgeted at approximately $6.0 million which is included in the Transportation Services Approved 10-Year Capital Plan.

Authorized the establishment of an Inter-Agency Bikeway Trails Planning and Implementation Working Group which will:

  • coordinate capital project planning and delivery
  • be led by Transportation Services, and involve Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Toronto Water,  Toronto Region and Conservation Authority and other agencies.
  • As with all bikeway projects, consultation regarding specific projects with local councilors and local area residents, will be an important part of the process to develop individual trail designs.

The above report was scheduled to be received by City Council at its June 6, 2012 meeting.

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