TTC 2012: More Popular Routes’ Services-Starts May 6; No Subway Service Between Warden & Kennedy-May 12-13; LRT Update

This video presents Transit City Light Rail Transit (LRT), a plan of both Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)  and the City of Toronto to expand rapid transit services into neighbourhoods across Toronto in Ontario, Canada:

LRT Plan for Toronto

This is an update to my previous blogs:

On April 25, 2012,the Minister’s Statement On Toronto Transit Projects was issued in response to the Metrolinx Board recommendation on transit projects in Toronto as follows:

“Earlier today the Metrolinx Board recommended a plan to get shovels in the ground on four new public transit projects in Toronto. This plan would see us deliver on all four projects by 2020, with Eglinton Crosstown and Scarborough RT moving forward later this year.

As I have stated before, our government respects the will of the city’s democratically elected councillors.  This plan reflects input from the City of Toronto based on the position adopted by Council.  In terms of next steps, the plan will now be brought forward to Cabinet.

The McGuinty government has made a firm, $8.4 billion commitment to these projects.  Our focus is on getting shovels in the ground and delivering much-needed public transit projects for the residents of Toronto.”

Transportation Minister Bob Chiarelli

Then, at the Toronto Transit Commission Meeting  on May 1, 2012, Commissioners received a detailed presentation from TTC staff on the four Light Rail Transit (LRT) projects for Toronto, resulting in the following TTC  actions:

  • The board directed staff to consult with Build Toronto and Infrastructure Ontario on the development potential for the Eglinton Crosstown underground station sites and report back to the Commission on the results of those discussions.
  • The Commission also approved a request for Metrolinx to provide immediate funding for the Finch West LRT connection to the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension, at Keele West Station, in order to pre-build the underground access connection with the subway extension in advance of the full funding for the construction of the Finch West LRT.
  • As part of Metrolinx’s 15 priority projects, which are associated with the Big Move, the four projects are:
    • Eglinton Crosstown LRT
    • Sheppard East LRT
    • Finch West LRT
    • and Scarborough RT conversion and extension
  • Each of the four projects is included in the Metrolinx Big Move regional transportation plan

 TTC Increases Service on Many Routes to Summer Attractions

The Toronto Transit Commission is making it easier for customers to attend summer events in the city by increasing service on many popular routes, starting Sunday, May 6, as follows:

  • 28 DAVISVILLE – Sunday service will be operated to the Don Valley Brick Works Park
  • 29 DUFFERIN Route extension to Exhibition Place Princes’ Gate
  • 72 PAPE – Evening and weekend route extension to Cherry Beach
  • 86 SCARBOROUGH – Saturday and Sunday route extension to the Toronto Zoo
  • 192 AIRPORT ROCKET – Increased service. Service will operate approximately every 10 minutes throughout the day and early evening. Every 13 to 20 minutes in the late evening.
  • 509 HARBOURFRONTIncreased service, and heritage PCC streetcar operation on Sundays.
  • 511 BATHURST– Service will be increased from Sunday to Friday due to increased seasonal ridership to the waterfront and Exhibition Place.

TTC track work between Warden and Kennedy Stations:
May 12 and 13

  • This weekend, the TTC will be installing wheel monitoring equipment and replacing 240 metres of rail between Warden and Kennedy stations.
  • Thus, there will be no subway service between Warden and Kennedy stations.
  • The closure will take effect immediately after the end of Friday service.
  • Starting at 6 a.m. on Saturday, May 12, a frequent shuttle bus service will run between Warden and Kennedy stations.
    • A Wheel-Trans bus will be stationed at Victoria Park Station.
    • The shuttle buses will operate every 2 to 4 minutes.
  • Normal subway service will resume on Monday, May 14, at 6 a.m.

Also, here is a gentle reminder about another TTC closure:

Customer Satisfaction Survey

TTC staff presented the results of its first Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The phone survey of Toronto households is conducted by an external marketing firm on a weekly basis, with results being reported quarterly.

Customers that have travelled on the TTC within the last month are asked to rate their last journey out of 10 in 22 different categories.

Here are some of the survey results that were reported at the TTC meeting on May 1, 2012:

  • 76% said the TTC provided good-to-excellent service.
  • 88% ranked personal safety on the system good-to-excellent.
  • 67% ranked helpfulness and appearance of staff good-to-excellent.
  • 60% believed the TTC to be good-to-excellent value for money.
  • 59% rated station cleanliness good-to-excellent.
  • 67% ranked bus ride smoothness good-to-excellent.
  • 75% ranked streetcar ride smoothness good-to-excellent.

Wireless Network in the Subway System

Also, on May 1, 2012, Commissioners received a status report on the design, supply, installation, hosting and maintenance of a wireless network in the subway system.

  • A Request For Proposal to three pre-qualified proponents:
    • Bell Mobility Incorporated
    • Broadcast Australia Limited
    • and Extenet Systems
  • This Request For Proposal is scheduled to be released in early May.
  • TTC staff plans to report back to the Commission with a recommendation for award later this year.


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