Canadians: “Rent‐Lease‐Own?”Survey Will Launch in Metro Vancouver Oct.23, 2012

This video presents “In Search of Space: a Guide to Social Purpose Real Estate” in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

  • Are you a not-for-profit, cooperative or mission-based organization considering a real estate purchase?
    • Watch this video to see what you need to take into account before making this important decision
  • To help secure buildings and land for community-minded and mission-based purposes Vancity invests in and advances social purpose real estate
    • We facilitate the acquisition of land and acquisition/construction of buildings including office, commercial or industrial space
    • We are also interested in the preservation of real estate holdings in targeted communities or communities under development pressure

Canadians: "Rent‐Lease‐Own?" Survey Will Launch in Metro Vancouver, B.C. Oct.23, 2012
Canadians: “Rent‐Lease‐Own?” Survey Will Launch in Metro Vancouver, B.C. Oct.23, 2012

Social Purpose Real Estate refers to “property and facilities owned and operated by mission-based organizations and investors for the purpose of community benefit, and to achieve blended value returns.”

  • The Social Purpose Real Estate Table (SPRE) is a group of funders, investors and government representatives that engages in and has made investments in social purpose real estate:
    • Located in Vancouver, Canada
    • They are not a funding program
    • The Social Purpose Real Estate Table is “a consortium working in the area of social purpose real estate, each with their own independent programs and services
      • Each member is interested in working strategically with one another to be more effective and expand their work in this area”
  • Strategy Three of the Social Purpose Real Estate Table is to:
    • “undertake and support research and policy that will:
      • demonstrate the need for, and value of, social purpose real estate development in communities
      • facilitate the identification of opportunities
      • promote further private and public investment in social purpose real estate
    • help to inform investors, stakeholders, government, the sector and other interested parties and develop a more enabling environment for social purpose real estate”

So, in line with Strategy Three of the Social Purpose Real Estate Table, the following “Rent‐Lease‐Own?” Survey will be launched on  23 October 2012:


Understanding real estate challenges affecting the not‐for‐profit/social purpose/cultural sector

Save the date: Survey Launch, October 23, 2012

The Real Estate Institute of British Columbia (REIBC), in collaboration with the Social Purpose Real Estate Collaborative (SPRE), is pleased to announce an innovative project to understand the real estate challenges and opportunities facing the not-for-profit and social purpose sector. As a critical tool towards long-term sustainability, securing affordable and suitable real estate for this sector deserves attention.

Supported by the Real Estate Foundation, the City of Vancouver and Vancity and Vancity Community Foundation, this innovative collaborative project will benchmark the real estate rates, terms and conditions in which the social purpose/not-for-profit/cultural sector functions in Metro Vancouver.

Whether by month-to-month rents, longer-term leases, or ownership, this sector is extremely challenged to hold property within Metro Vancouver’s highly priced and limited real estate environment. Though the social purpose/not-for-profit/cultural sector underpins much of the social and economic fabric of our society, there is no real data on the real estate scenarios under which they operate. The sector continues to struggle with affordability, suitability of space, and the tenure ability to retain real estate assets for long-term use.

Beginning on October 23, 2012, CitySpaces Consulting Ltd. will be surveying Metro Vancouver’s social and cultural organizations and independent artists. Survey results will be used to inform future policy development and make the case for supporting social purpose real estate in Metro Vancouver.

Please help us promote this opportunity to all Metro Vancouver-based artists and social/cultural nonprofits and social purpose organizations. Watch for upcoming announcements on the duration of the survey’s collection period.

RENT-LEASE-OWN is sponsored by the Real Estate Institute of BC and the Social Purpose Real Estate Collaborative with funding by the Real Estate Foundation, City of Vancouver (Cultural Services & Social Development), Vancity Community Foundation and Vancity Credit Union.

The anticipated completion of the research project is January 2013:

  • The results will be available to the public and shared out through the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia (REIBC),  Social Purpose Real Estate Collaborative (SPRE) and funding partner organizations

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