Hurricane Sandy: Power Restored for Nearly All Canadians & Hydro One Dispatched to Boston, USA

This video presents “Hurricane Sandy Hits Boston Harbor Helicopter Ariel Views Global News”:

  •  “Boston Harbor and Coast Guard Sector Boston are shown as Hurricane Sandy makes an impact in Boston Oct. 29, 2012:
    • Vessel traffic was limited as the Port of Boston set Port Condition Yankee
    • Gigantic Huge Waves Pounding East Coast Now
    • 12+ Inches of Rain 90 MPH Winds and 10 Foot Waves are Hitting The East Coast Shore Now

This is an update to my previous blogs:

Today, 1 November, Chris Bentley, Ontario Minister of Energy issued the following statement regarding the provincial power outages and the dispatch of Hydro One workers to Massachusetts, USA, to help restore power in the Boston area:

Above, Hydro One Workers on Poles
Above, Hydro One Workers on Poles

“Hydro crews from across Ontario have been working tirelessly to restore power since Monday evening after Hurricane Sandy knocked out power for more than 151,000 Ontario customers.

As of 7 a.m. power has been restored to nearly all 151,000 hit at the peak of the storm. Crews are working to restore power to the small number of customers that remain without power from localized or remote outages.

Hydro One has made great progress restoring power to families and businesses across Ontario. They are now in a position to be able to help our friends in the United States.

Hydro One has received a request from the National Grid in Massachusetts for help restoring power in the Boston area. It is estimated that almost 6 million U.S. residents are still without power after Hurricane Sandy. Hydro One and utility companies from across Ontario have a long history of providing help to other provinces and to the U.S. in times of need.

Hydro One has dispatched 145 skilled workers including line maintainers, foresters and support staff to help restore power. Crews are expected to reach Massachusetts late Friday.

We are so pleased to help our neighbours to the south. And we know our crews will make a difference in the U.S. the way they do each and every day here in Ontario.”

Chris Bentley, Ontario Minister of Energy


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