Please Be Potential Bone Marrow Donors to 966 Canadians June 7, 2012

This video presents Shari’s Mission:

  • The story of an ordinary family with an extraordinary mission

Shari’s Mission is a Canadian not-for-profit organization which

  • is a community partner with OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network, part of Canadian Blood Services
  • arranges buccal swabbing events to register Canadians on the bone marrow network
    • to date we have registered over 13,000 people

Shari’s Mission is urging you to help as:

  • “There are over 900 Canadians who are in desperate need for a bone marrow transplant.
    • This is what makes Shari’s Mission so important.
  • Our goal is to get every Canadian a match.
    • This is what makes YOU so important.
  • Our goal is to get everyone their gift of life.”
  • “We have lots of great events coming up and we need volunteers to make these drives a success and to save lives
    • organizing our group
    • preparing procedure manuals
    • attracting, training and motivating volunteers
    • some serious fund raising to pay lab costs.
    • also, volunteers may elect to only work at swabbing events or to also help by serving on committees and various executive functions”

Please click here to get a map to Maple High School in Maple, Ontario, Canada.

Contact Info:

Maple High School
50 Springside Road
Maple, ON L6A 2W5
(905) 417-9444

Shari’s Mission

Please Help Save a Life and Be a Hero!


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