You’re Invited: Festival Kompa Zouk Ontario (FKZO) July 25 – August 6, 2012

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  • The “Hot Créole Celebration of Festival Kompa Zouk Ontario (FKZO)”:

Festival Kompa Zouk Ontario (FKZO) – Festival du Créole Français (a.k.a. French Creole Festival) is a celebration of French-Caribbean values through music, dance, cuisine arts and crafts as well as many others components which demonstrate the magnitude and diversity of the Canadian patrimony.

The third annual French Créole Festival, Festival Kompa Zouk Ontario, takes place this year from July 25 to August 6 and includes these highlights:

  • French Créole Festival – Festival Kompa Zouk is scheduled to launch July 25
  • A number of high profile guests will be in Toronto for the festival and for the special symposiums and seminars, including:
    • Guadeloupian poet and writer Benzo
    • Renowned historian, writer and educator, FrankEtienne from Haiti
  • The popular Zouk and Kompa music, which has been the main feature of past festivals, will welcome:
    • the international band Kassav direct from Paris
  • FREE Festival Day, August 5:
    • At the David Pecaut Square, formerly Metro Hall Square
    • Starting at 1:00 p.m
    • A day of fun and entertainment for the entire family
    • Scheduled activities for the kids:
      • face painting
      • games
      • entertainment throughout the afternoon
    • Creole and Caribbean cuisine will be available
    • Information booths.
    • Admission to all festival events, with the exception of Kassav concert, is FREE.

Here’s an itinerary of FREE events at the Festival Kompa Zouk  from July 25 to August 5, 2012:

  • Free Concert
    • Starts: August 05 @ 11:00am – 12:00am
    • Come and feel the creole fever at David Pecaut Square
    • A family day event!
    • There will be a free concert, organized in collaboration with RDEE Ontario, Molson Coors and Via Rail Canada
    • Many stands will be available to make this day unforgettable:
      • animation for kids
      • music
      • creole foods
      • artcrafts
      • workshops
      • etc.
    • Performing artists  include:
      • Kreyol La
      • Boukman Experyans
      • Gabel
      • Rafrechi
      • Unik
      • Super L
      • Troupe Nou Se Kiltir
      • Racine Flambo
      • Neza
      • Djennie Laguerre
      • Carissa Baron
      • Ballet Créole
      • Jaffa Charles
      • Justine Gogoua
      • Don Belo
      • Katia Cadet
    • Animation: DJ’S Trickey – Moet – JAM-Z
    • The child section is sponsored by the ‘Office des Affaires Francophones
  • A visit in the heart of the Queen City
    • Monday, August 6th
    • With la Société d’Histoire de Toronto
    • From 1:30pm to 3:00pm
    • Admission: FREE

Please click here for the complete itinerary of French Creole Festival – Festival Kompa Zouk events.

Contact Info:

Festival Kompa-Zouk Ontario Inc.
33 Hazelton Avenue Suite 100
Toronto Ontario M5R 2E3

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