You’re Invited: Downsview Lands Community Consultation in Toronto April 23, 2014

This video presents “National Urban Park at Downsview Park Official Opening Video.”

  • “Downsview Park is located at the centre of the Greater Toronto Area and combines an innovative ‘park’ in an urban setting, offering a diverse range of public activities and programs with new places to live, work, learn and play.
  • Summertime brings a hub of activity with a line-up of phenomenal outdoor concerts and festivals.
  • Historic aviation buildings on site have been transformed for year-round enjoyment by sports and recreation enthusiasts.
  • Discover Downsview Park–more than just a park!
  • For a complete listing of events and activities, visit their website at .”
    • Phone: 416-952-2222.

Phone: 416-952-2222

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Downsview Park, a former military base located in the centre of the Greater Toronto Area, is an approximately 231.5 hectares (572 acres) of land that sits on one of the highest elevations in the City of Toronto.

  • Parc Downsview Park (PDP) comprises 572 acres (231.5 hectares) of land and is owned by Canada Lands Company Limited.
    • In November of 2012, the Government of Canada announced the amalgamation of Parc Downsview Park Incorporated (PDP) with Canada Lands Company Limited (CLCL), with Downsview Park slated to transition into an important real estate project of Canada Lands Company (CLC).
  • PDP team’s role is to design, develop and maintain Downsview Park in a financially sustainable manner.
    • PDP’s mandate was established by the Government of Canada after it announced the closure of the Canadian Forces Base (CFB Toronto) in 1994.
  • Currently more than half of the site is a mix of public parkland, commercial uses and community services offering a diverse range of public activities and programs, with the remainder of the site anticipated for eventual redevelopment.
    • In addition to creating a unique urban park the development includes five integrated neighbourhoods with a full range of land uses to create a model of progressive sustainable urban development.
      • Five related neighbourhoods will be developed : Stanley Greene; William Baker; Sheppard; Chesswood; and Allen.

The Downsview Lands represent one of the most significant redevelopments in Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Canada Lands Company is committed to seeking input from the municipality and the public on the best possible reuse of the property and how it can meet the needs of local residents, both now and in the future.

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