Stay Safe, Stay Back Campaign: Canadian Cyclists Avoid the NO GO Zone of Trucks!

This video presents “Share The Road Truck Cycling Safety PSA 2013” from Top Drawer Creative on Vimeo.

The Share the Road Cycling Coalition and partners have launched the Stay Safe, Stay Back campaign for safer cycling, which is also known as the Share The Road Truck Cycling Safety campaign in Ontario, Canada.

Due to cyclists’ fatalities involving trucks, the Stay Safe, Stay Back campaign have the following objectives.

  • Emphasize the importance of recognizing the blind spots on large trucks wherein cyclists are not easily seen by truck drivers.
  • Educate cyclists about the risks associated with large trucks.
  • Provide visual cues to remind cyclists to stay out of the “no-go zone“, where they are invisible to drivers and vulnerable to injury due to the wide right turns made by trucks.

This campaign has the following main components:

Share The Road Campaign: Truck decal warns cyclists.
Share The Road Campaign: Truck decal warns cyclists.
  • Development and distribution of a “Stay Safe, Stay Back” decal which will be placed on the back of all City of Toronto trucks (and other trucks — including municipal fleet vehicles — across the province) warning cyclists of the importance of remaining visible, and the dangers of cycling into a driver’s blind spot.
  • Print ads that encourage cyclists to stay back, stay safe — and be aware of blind spots.
  • Launch of a website:, to serve as a resource hub on the issue of road safety for truck drivers and cyclists.

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UPDATE:  Today, CBC News reported a cyclist’s leg and pelvis were crushed when she became pinned under a truck on Wednesday morning,  October 16. I believe that not only must a cyclist avoid the NO GO zone of a truck, but at a traffic stop a cyclist must also get onto the sidewalk and wait on the sidewalk as soon as a truck approaches them for a traffic stop. That is, in order for cyclists to survive city streets and/or traffic, they must look out and avoid trucks at all times, especially at traffic stops.


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