Canadian Campaign for a $14 Minimum Wage in Ontario: On the 14th of Every Month-Starting Today 2013

Ontario-Wide Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage to $14
Ontario-Wide Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage to $14

This is an update to the following previous blog Your Input: Canadian Poverty Consultation for Ontario Until October 2013.

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A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work; that’s what Ontario workers need. The minimum wage – the lowest legal rate of pay – should make sure that when you work, you earn enough to live on. But in the 3 years since Ontario’s minimum wage was frozen, inflation has driven down minimum wage earnings 19% below the poverty line.1

The minimum wage should bring workers and their families out of poverty.

The minimum wage should be set 10% above the poverty line, using the Low Income Measure.

The minimum wage should be calculated based on a 35-hour week.

Ontario’s hourly paid employees work, on average, less than 35 hours a week. We should assume a 35-hour work week when calculating a minimum wage that will bring workers out of poverty.

The minimum wage should be updated every year with the cost of living.

Ontario should join the three other provinces and territories that
have already adopted this policy.

“We are all struggling to live on the minimum wage. When you go to the grocery store, food prices are way up. Rent is increasing every year. We are hard working people. But with the current minimum wage, it’s either you go hungry or pay the rent.”
Workers’ Action Centre member

Following these principles, Ontario’s minimum wage should be $14.00 in 2013!

1  The 19% gap is derived from the difference between the $10.25 minimum wage and LIM for 2013. The current minimum wage is $18,655 per annum; based on 35 hour work week. In 2013, the Low Income Measure is $23,105; based on Before Tax LIM for a 1 person household calculated from 2010 LIM plus 2% CPI. Source: pub/750002m/2012002/tbl/tbl03-eng.htm .

Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage is a Province-wide Day of Action Starting August 14th!

Exciting plans are coming together for the first day of action for a $14 minimum wage.  On the 14th of every month, communities will be mobilizing for a $14 minimum wage – starting today Wednesday August 14th!

Check out the creative actions — Monopoly Street Theatre, Pop-up Street Parties, Pots and Pan rallies and more!!!

Join an action at the following locations!



Outreach drive.


Outreach drive.


Minimum Wage Monopoly Street Theatre: 2:00pm.


Bring Your Pots and Pans! Raise the Minimum Wage Action: 2:00pm.


MPP delegation visit.


Outreach drive: 4:45pm.

Minimum Wage Pop-up Street Party!  6:30pm.


Outreach blitz: 12pm.


MPP delegation visit.

York Region

Launch of York Region Raise the Minimum Wage Campaign: 2pm.

Organize an action!

Don’t see your community listed here?  Organize your own action on August 14th!  You don’t need a lot of people participating to make an impact!

  1. Do an outreach blitz to workers/  Check out materials including a customizable flyer here .
  2. Do a delegation visit to your local MPP office with other community members – let them know you support a $14 minimum wage.
  3. Organize a creative action to highlight the $14 demand!

Contact info for more information and for support at:

Please Help Send Kathleen Wynne a Message.

Please click here for more info about the Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage to $14.


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