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Please Help Protect Canada’s Great Bear Sea: Petition British Columbia Before Oct.23, 2014

"Canadians deserve better — and future generations depend on it. Support the plan to protect our coast." Sign the petition here:  . #GreatBearSea . Image by David Suzuki.
“Canadians deserve better — and future generations depend on it. Support the plan to protect our coast.” Sign the petition here: . #GreatBearSea . Image by David Suzuki.

This video presents Kids know why we need to protect the Great Bear Sea.

“Our kids understand the importance of protecting our natural treasures, and we should too.
Take action today. Sign the petition here: .”

Great Bear Sea map
Great Bear Sea map

WWF-Canada is urging us to help protect Canada’s Great Bear Sea, one of the world’s most intact marine ecosystems.

“This fall, the Province of B.C. will decide whether to adopt plans to safeguard the Great Bear Sea.

…15,000 people have already signed the petition demanding that our government step up to protect British Columbia’s Great Bear Sea. That’s a big show of support, but with just six days before the October 23 deadline, we need to increase the pressure.


The David provides the following explanation in the Protect Our Great Bear Sea petition:

  • “The good news is the B.C. government, First Nations and their partners are already working on a comprehensive management plan. The bad news is the government is facing enormous pressure from industry lobbyists, and this plan may never see the light of day.
  • We need your help to make sure British Columbia’s government knows thousands of us want the Great Bear Sea kept pristine and healthy for generations to come.”

The David Suzuki Foundation, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, WWF-Canada and Living Oceans Society suggest these  various ways for you to help.

1) Please Sign the petition and tell everyone — “Let’s seize this pivotal moment by showing the government that thousands of us care and are paying attention.”

2) Please Share this Facebook graphic or tweet with your friends to help spread the word. Send this tweet or create your own. Use the #GreatBearSea hashtag with all your online sharing.

3) Watch this video and please share it with your friends.


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