Celebrating 150 Years of Canada Via SESQUI Immersive 360° Cinematic Dome Tour: See Amazing 360° Film HORIZON Projected in 9k Resolution at No Cost

SESQUI Immersive 360° Cinematic Dome
SESQUI Immersive 360° Cinematic Dome

The following video presents Announcing the SESQUI 2017 National Tour:
“The coast to coast tour will offer audiences a front row seat to the wonders of Canada with new dates and locations added regularly.”

You’re invited to experience the immersive cinematic dome tour, with FREE screenings of the 360° film HORIZON at the following locations in Ontario, in partnership with Ontario150:

  • Richmond Hill, August 3 – August 7, Richmond Green
  • Kingston, August 11 – August 15, Frontenac Parking Lot
SESQUI Immersive 360° Cinematic Dome
SESQUI Immersive 360° Cinematic Dome

SESQUI’s HORIZON 360° film will be projected in 9K resolution. The film is approximately 22 minutes in length, and will be screened every half hour in a custom-built SESQUI dome.

The cutting edge cinematic dome will offer audiences of all ages a true 360° immersive experience of the 22-minute film HORIZON, with scenes shot in every province and territory, showcasing Canada’s awe-inspiring landscapes, diversity of perspectives, artistic talents and the people that call Canada home. The film features over 380 on-screen performers and a soundtrack of both original and contemporary Canadian music.

SESQUI Immersive 360° Cinematic Dome
SESQUI Immersive 360° Cinematic Dome

All admission is FREE and lineups are first come, first serve.

Also, SESQUI has teamed up with some of the best planetariums, museums and science centres across Canada to offer FREE screenings of our 360° film HORIZON in fixed-full dome cinemas at the following locations:

Sudbury, ON

  • July 2-Sep 4
    Times: 9am, 5pm

Vancouver, BC

  • June 24-September 4
    Times: Daily at 1pm

Dates and times of HORIZON screenings may vary. Please visit the theatre’s website for screening details at http://www.sesqui.ca/en/dome-theatres-and-pop-ups/.

Furthermore, Canadians will have an opportunity to experience SESQUI’s MERIDIAN VR. through exhibitions hosted at some of Canada’s top interactive, technology and cinema festivals, national events, tourism destinations and cultural institutions, including:

SESQUI will be adding more events to the list throughout the year, check back regularly for updates. If you represent an exhibition or festival interested in exhibiting our 360° film and VR elements, please contact them.

The following video presents SESQUI’s MERIDIAN VR:
“Explore an immersive world of inspiration and wonder with MERIDIAN VR. SESQUI’s free app hosts six original, interactive virtual reality stories, featuring Canadians who are shaping their world through creativity. Linked through a central menu space that evolves as the user views the content, MERIDIAN VR pushes the boundaries of participatory storytelling through immersive media.

MERIDIAN VR is now available for OS X and Android, for viewing on Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. Users can download the app onto their mobile phone via the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the Oculus Store.”

Enjoy! / Amusez vous bien!

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